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Commercial Energy Storage Solutions
    Energy storage or battery storage solutions are battery units that are installed on-site to offer businesses a means to store and discharge electricity at specific times, operate independently from the grid and offer backup power when needed.
    Dorset Electrical Solutions offer a full turnkey solution for battery storage solutions, including analysing your business and its suitability, specifying the best technologies, designing your system, and installation.

GivEnergy PCS
64kWh Storage/30kWh Discharge

£ 55,990
  • Adjustable Power Rating - control the charge and discharge rates based on pre-defined parameters
  • Modular Design - Need a larger capacity? Modular design allows for multiple units to be installed in parallel
  • Industrial and Commercial - Suitable for a wide range of applications. Can be installed internally or in a custom built container
  • Flexible Control - Control and monitor the system via GivEnergy cloud or via an external signal
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Ryleigh Instruments
Energy Set 100kWh Storage/50kWh Discharge

£ 59,995
  • Safe and reliable operation CATL LFP battery cells
  • Double fire suppression system design
  • Outdoor battery and inverter solution is an ideal option to bulky container solutions.
  • Expandable as required

In most cases, battery storage solutions are integrated with commercial solar panels as a means to capitalise on the energy savings they produce, as well as leverage a number of additional financial and environmental benefits.

Battery units can also be installed as a stand-alone product, independent of a renewable energy source, and used to store cheaper energy from the grid during lower-cost periods and discharge during peak times to avoid demand charges and peak-time energy costs.

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