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Insurance Work for Solar Panels

We regularly undertake solar panel damage assessments for private customers, insurance companies or landlords.

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We have undertaken various solar PV system damage assessment and repair works:

Insurance-approved solar repairs

Our expert team of electricians specialises in insurance-approved solar panel repairs, ensuring that your renewable energy investment is restored to optimal functionality with the highest standards of craftsmanship. With a proven track record of seamlessly navigating solar panel damage assessments, we guarantee efficient and approved repairs, providing you with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience for your solar panel system.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Care: Safety, Annual Servicing, and Proactive Maintenance

Like any electrical equipment, adhering to the safety guidelines established during installation is crucial, and it is imperative not to tamper with any of the equipment. We recommend scheduling an annual professional service with one of our solar electricians, as detailed below, to detect any intermittent faults and maintain the warranties on your purchased equipment.

If you notice a decrease in energy production, irregularities in the system’s operation, or any physical damage, it’s advisable to contact our expert team promptly. Swift identification and resolution of such issues can prevent further damage and ensure the continued efficiency of your solar energy system. Our dedicated support extends beyond annual check-ups, providing you with comprehensive assistance to address any concerns and uphold the longevity and performance of your solar investment.

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Interested in our Solar Panel Maintenance Packages?

Our Comprehensive Insurance Service Includes:

Damage Assessment

Trust our experienced team to conduct thorough assessments of solar panel damage caused by various factors, such as weather events, accidents, or other unforeseen incidents.

Detailed Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports that clearly outline the extent of the damage, recommended repairs, and associated costs. Our transparent approach ensures you have all the information you need for a smooth insurance claims process.

Claims Assistance

Navigating insurance paperwork can be overwhelming. Let us handle the intricacies of the claims process, working closely with your insurance provider to ensure a swift resolution.

Efficient Repairs

Once your insurance claim is approved, our skilled electricians promptly and efficiently execute the necessary repairs, restoring your solar panel system to optimal functionality.

Make sure that you choose the right insurance cover for your solar PV system

Before assuming coverage, it is crucial to thoroughly review your insurance policy, and if necessary, consult with your insurance provider to clarify the specific terms and conditions related to solar panel repair. Additionally, keep records of maintenance activities to demonstrate your commitment to the proper care of your solar panel system.

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