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Plug Into the Sun
Commercial Solar PV Systems for your business

Solar Panels for Business

Due to the particularly high returns solar panels deliver, this technology is one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. Thousands of UK business have now switched to solar to power their operations.

By investing in Solar PV and Battery Storage Technologies you are reaffirming your company’s commitment to sustainability. As most businesses operate during 9-5 daylight hours, installing solar panels is the perfect energy solution. As your solar panels produce green energy, your business will use this electricity to run your company off sunshine.

Generating your own Solar Electricity will help to lower your Carbon Footprint and produce substantial savings on your energy bills of up to 80% per annum. 

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Free Solar Panel Quote

If you are interested in solar panels for your business, simply fill out the form on our contact us page and someone will be in touch.

Choose Your Perfect Solar PV System

We offer the best selection of Solar PV Systems in the business for the best price.  If you are ready to make the switch to solar for your business, we can provide the best solution that suits your business needs.

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10kW Commercial Solar PV System

£ 12,995
  • 25 x 400W Black Ulica Solar Panels
  • 10kW 3-Phase String Inverter
  • Hies Registration
  • EPVS Validation
  • MCS Certification
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15kW Commercial Solar PV System

£ 18,495
  • 40 x 400W Black Ulica Solar Panels
  • 15kW 3-Phase String Inverter
  • Hies Registration
  • EPVS Validation
  • MCS Certification
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25kW Commercial Solar PV System

£ 24,996
  • 60 x 400W Black Ulica Solar Panels
  • 10kW of Available Storage
  • 20kW 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • 4 x 2.5kWh Growatt High Voltage Batteries
  • Hies Registration
  • EPVS Validation
  • MCS Certification
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50kW Commercial Solar PV System

£ 44,995
  • 125 x 400W Black Ulica Solar Panel
  • 125 x 400W Black Ulica Solar Panel
  • Hies Registration
  • EPVS Validation
  • MCS Certification

The Benefits of Commercial Solar

Who Doesn't Love A Green Business?

With growing environmental concerns, consumers and even employees are becoming more conscientious with whom they shop with or work for. Using commercial solar panels to power your business on green energy will demonstrate your commitment towards green and sustainable practice.

Energy Independence

As energy prices continue to rise, installing solar panels commercially will protect your business from fluctuating energy rates. As a result your company will become less reliant on the National Grid and more reliant on the sun.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

As energy demands increase through the rise of digitalisation, sustainable business strategies is a global focus. As Solar energy is renewable and carbon neutral, by installing commercial solar panels you will lower your business' carbon footprint. Installing solar PV is a great way to do you part for climate change.

Significantly reduce business overheads

Generate and store free, clean energy on-site and improve your bottom line with up to 100% savings on energy costs.

Financial benefits of solar panels
A typical commercial solar panel system will provide free electricity for more than 25 years, achieve financial returns of up to 20% per annum and pay back installation costs within approximately 5-years.
Environmental benefits of solar panels
Solar panels offer a means to considerably reducing your organisations’ carbon footprint. A typical 250kWp solar PV system will offset approximately 64 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent to driving 155,000 miles in a petrol car.
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Our Projects

We are independent contractors, have no ties to specific products and only source tried and tested, ‘tier one’ products from the world’s leading manufacturers. This offers proven quality and ensures that your warranties will remain intact for the lifetime of your system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Solar

Business premises and community buildings are usually exempt from requiring planning permission. Even ground-mounted systems can be installed under ‘permitted development’. However, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to be exempt. These include:

  1. Commercial solar panels need to be installed in a manner that minimises the impact of the overall building and general area’s appearance.
  2. Flat roof solar installations must be less than 1m above the highest part of the roof. Excluding chimneys.
  3. Roof-mounted installations are not permitted to protrude by more than 200mm from the roof’s surface.
  4. Roof mounted solar panels must be installed further than 1m away from the edge of the roof or wall joint.
  5. In designated areas such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, no solar panels are permitted to be installed on a wall or roof slope which faces a road.
  6. A ground mounted solar installation must not be larger than 9m2.

You will need to gain planning permission if your solar panels are going to be installed on a building or property site that is of historical interest. This includes listed buildings, ancient monuments or world heritage sites. Prior approval is also required for the local planning authorities for any solar PV system greater than 50kW. Of course, Dorset Electrical Solutions are always here to give advice about any planning requirements for any type of solar panel installation.

Most business are active during the daytime, which means they are likely to consume all the energy their solar panels generate. However, this isn’t always the case. If your roof top is large enough to generate more electricity than your company is consuming, and your work operates outside the usual 9-5, a solar battery is viable. It all depends on your energy requirements.

This is why it is so important to book a free consultation and survey with Dorset Electrical Solutions in order to have a tailored system designed for you. Call today on 01202 985027.

With a renewed focus on the UK’s commitment to reaching Net Zero, there are always new schemes and grants arising to encourage the use of low-carbon technologies such as Solar PV. Current grants and incentives for the installation of commercial solar panels include:

  1. Low Carbon Workspaces – Low Carbon Workspaces grant aids businesses lower their carbon emissions and energy bills, by offering grants of up to £5,000 to invest in carbon-saving upgrades. This could be for the installation of solar panels, battery storage, insulation, or even LED lighting. Grants are available for Small to Medium Enterprises based in Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire.
  2. Power Purchase Agreement – A Solar PPA or Power Purchase Agreement allows an investor to pay and maintain the Solar PV at the commercial site. This would mean there is no upfront cost for the business using the site, yet they will be able to buy the Solar electricity from the investor at a cheaper rate than the National Grid.
  3. Super Deduction – The super-deduction offers businesses 130 per cent first-year relief on qualifying main rate plant and machinery investments from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2023. As commercial solar panels is an investment towards your running costs, it sure counts as long as it is claimed through your business.

If your site has a decent sized roof or plot of land, and your business have the long-term intention on staying in the premises for more than 10 years, solar is the perfect solution. Ideally, the business should own the freehold of the premises, or have a long-term lease over the property.

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