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Complete Rewire

House rewiring is a significant investment, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of your family and the integrity of your electrical system.

What is involved in a complete house rewire?

A complete house rewiring involves two essential processes: the initial step, commonly referred to as "First Fix," entails installing wiring and back boxes for sockets and switches, ideally before walls are plastered and in an unfurnished space for optimal efficiency.

The subsequent step, known as "Second Fix," primarily involves connecting the electrics by installing switches, sockets, and lights.

If you are experiencing electrical problems, have outdated wiring, or are planning a major renovation, it is crucial to consult with a professional electrician to determine whether rewiring your home is necessary.

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Rewiring Your Home

Embarking on the journey of a home rewiring project is a significant endeavour, often representing one of the most formidable challenges for homeowners. The backbone of your home’s electrical system lies within concealed cables within the walls, and it is recommended to consider replacing these cables approximately every 25 years.

These cables play a crucial role in powering your socket outlets, lights, and various electrical appliances such as cookers and boilers. Outdated or improperly installed electrical systems carry inherent risks, ranging from potential fires to electric shocks. Even cables once deemed secure may now be identified as hazardous.

Our home rewiring service is meticulously crafted to address potential issues, ensuring that your home is equipped with state-of-the-art, secure, and certified electrical components. Upon our arrival at your property, we diligently organise and prepare the site for the impending work, emphasising the importance of adhering to the necessary preparations outlined in our terms for a seamless process.

Our experienced team initiates the routing of new cables from your consumer unit throughout the entire property. These cables are strategically concealed beneath floors, within attic spaces, and intricately integrated into the walls and structure of the building. The precise routing process involves lifting carpets and floorboards and creating carefully designed channels within the walls.

The ultimate objective is to terminate these cables at every electrical outlet, organised into distinct circuits for lights and sockets. Through this thorough rewiring process, we prioritise the pillars of safety, modernisation, and certification. Select our rewiring services to fortify your home, ensuring a dependable and contemporary electrical system that will stand the test of time.

The Process of Rewiring

Marking Out

We carefully plan all the new locations for your electrical system and mark the fuseboxes, routes and chases.

Making Routes

The carpets and floorboars are lifted to allow the cables to be ran, and we access the attic and basement.

Cutting and Chasing

Heavy machinery is used to create channels within the walls and space for the new electrical boxes and accessories.


A tidy  is required to remove the majority of the dust and rubble and keep the site clear and free to work.

Electrical Wiring

Our electricians get to work installing your new witing for circuits such as your lights, smoke alarms and sockets.

Second Fix

When the plaster is dry, our electricians proceed with the final terminations and connections of your electrical outlets.

Final Test

Testing is carried out to ensure the new circuits operate as they should before we send out your final certification.

How Long Does Rewire Take

The time to complete a full rewire can vary from property to property depending on the size and amount of rooms. Typically, the following timescales are a guideline for property size;

  • 1-2 Bedroom house – 4/5 days
  • 3 Bedroom house – 6/10 days
  • 4 Bedroom house – 10/15 days

This is a guideline only as every job is different.

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Over 20 Years Experience

We have more than 20 years experience servicing customers throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, honest and dependable company that you can trust, and we have numerous reviews from satisfied customers to back this up.

We only use the best equipment

We’ve invested heavily in advanced equipment and machinery that ensures we can do the most thorough and professional job possible when it comes to all kinds of electrical and related work. 

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We're full qualified and certified

We currently employ a team of fully qualified electricians and a number of apprentices. We have been registered with the ECA and therefore all our electricians are JIB registered. 

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My experience with Dorset Electricial Solutions was friendly, professional and great attention to detail was shown at all stages of the job. I was really impressed with how efficiently but also how quickly the work was carried out. Thank you so much, I'm delighted!

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