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99% LESS
The most reliable and low energy technique of curing & ensuring safety against condensation, dampness and air quality in the home. Positive Input Ventilation, also known as PIV. This intelligent home ventilation system is set up in over 1 million homes in the UK and it is the most preferred solution for home ventilation

How Positive Input Ventilation Work

There are various types of PIV. The Drimaster-Eco range is Dorset Electrical Solutions’ market-leading product created for 2 and 3-storey homes with lofts. The Flatmaster is developed for flats, apartments and basements. These easy-to-install and maintain ranges are also economical and cost effective, making them the perfect solution for both brand-new developments and retrofit applications.

Fresh, filtered air is drawn through the near silent unit situated in the loft area of the home. Clean air is then pushed through a diffuser situated on the landing or hallway and dispersed through the home. This positive pressure pushes the humid and stale air out of your home through trickle vents and any gaps in and around your home.

Drimaster-Eco and Flatmaster PIV

Say Good-Bye to condensation, mould growth, damp and say hello to a healthy home and air quality. The best part about Drimaster-Eco and Flatmaster PIV ranges is that they are quick, low cost, and very easy to set up, making them an optimal remedy for both new constructions as well as retrofit applications.

Ideal for Fixes As Well As Upkeep


Cooking, cleaning and bathing trap moisture around the home. These various issues contribute to moist, stale air around the home which can be the leading cause of unsightly mould growth, streaming windows and poor air quality. This highly energy-friendly long-term remedy can be easily installed in existing homes.

Affordable Ventilation for New Build Projects

Positive Input Ventilation is BBA certified and also identified as an alternate technique within building regulations which makes it a prominent method of ventilating brand-new houses. The Drimaster-Eco range is an exceptionally affordable ventilation option that provides distinct advantages when choosing and setting up the product.

99% Less Condensation

Minimal Power Consumption

Zero Maintenance System

Why Install The Nuaire Drimaster Eco System?

Are you ready to get rid of mould and condensation problems from your home?

Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

Boost your indoor air quality (IAQ) and say goodbye to your condensation and dampness problems with Dorset’s Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system. We have made a detailed video that will help you decide whether PIV is the right solution for your home. We can supply and install your new PIV system with minimal fuss and at a great price.

Drimaster-Eco PIV system is installed in the loft area where it pulls fresh air with the G4 grade filters, and pushes it to the ceiling level right into the home. In retrofit homes, whole-home ventilation is generally done using the Positive Pressurisation technique as it is a well known and trusted treatment for condensation and dampness.

Fresh And Filtered Air

A consistent flow of fresh and filtered air is circulated into the home which decreases moisture level and prevents dripping windows and black mold patches from developing. It is great for asthma patients and allergy-sufferers as it produces a dry, allergen-free setting suitable for them. Hay fever sufferers also benefit as the G4 grade filters are fine enough to prevent pollen from going into the house.

The controls for the fan are situated within the ceiling diffuser in the Dorset Drimaster Eco warm model which makes it possible for the settings to be changed without going into the loft. A 400w low-energy heater ensures cold air doesn’t reduce the temperature level in your home during the winter. The Drimaster Eco includes useful wireless controls and sensing units which respond to transforming moisture and CO2 levels to make sure that only top quality air enters the home while keeping the energy use minimal.

Why Dorset Electrical Solutions?

We are a professional team experienced in installation and maintenance of Positive Input Ventilation systems. We understand that planning of PIV should be different for every home and we use our experience to create a plan that works best for your home.

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