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30 Jan, 2024
Posted by Laura Billingsley
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What do you need to consider when choosing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger for your home?

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution charges ahead, the UK is witnessing a surge in electric vehicle adoption. With this growing EV landscape, the demand for reliable and efficient chargers is higher than ever. We are here to explore the best electric vehicle chargers available in the UK at the moment, ensuring you’re well-equipped to charge up seamlessly and efficiently. 

Understanding Your Charging Needs

Different EVs may require different charging levels and connector types. Understanding the specifications of your vehicle is crucial to choose a compatible EV charger. Level 2 chargers are common for home use, offering faster charging times, while workplace EV chargers can provide convenience during office hours.


Compatibility and Connector Types

EV chargers come with different connectors, such as Type 1, Type 2, and CHAdeMO. Ensure your chosen charger is compatible with your vehicle’s connector type for a seamless charging experience.


Charging Speed: Fast vs. Slow

Consider the charging speed that suits your lifestyle. Fast EV chargers are convenient for quick top-ups, while slower chargers may be sufficient for overnight charging at home.


Considerations for Home Charging

Installing an EV charger at home requires careful consideration. Opt for a residential EV charger that suits your space and charging needs. Smart EV chargers with Wi-Fi connectivity can offer added convenience and control.

Best home EV charger suppliers in the UK

If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle and have ever wondered, “Where can I find EV chargers near me?” consider having one at home as a more convenient option compared to searching for one on the go. Here, we present our top home EV chargers.

electric vehicle charger easee

Easee One

Tethered/untethered: Both
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Only with an Easee Equalizer installed
Dimensions: (H)253 mm x (W)193 mm x (D)106 mm

The Easee One and its app are designed to be user-friendly, making this ideal for first-time EV owners. If you have several EVs, the dynamic load balancing allows up to three Easee One EV chargers to be used simultaneously. It delivers up to 7.4kW of power via single-phase 32A and is compatible with all EVs.
electric vehicle charger project EV

Project EV Pro Earth

Tethered/untethered: Both
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)380 mm x (W)240 mm x (D)145 mm

The Pro Earth EV charger is a dependable electric vehicle charging station, both robustly constructed and visually appealing. It offers charge speeds up to 7.3kW on a 32A single-phase supply, adding around 28 miles of range per hour, being fully charged in approximately six to eight hours, and comes with wifi and ethernet connectivity.
electric vehicle charger ohme

Ohme Home Pro

Tethered/untethered: Tethered
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: No
Dimensions: (H)170 mm x (W)200 mm x (D)100 mm

The diminutive Ohme Home Pro is tethered with a five-metre cable, charges at speeds of up to 7.4kW and has in-built earthing.
electric vehicle charger EO mini pro

EO Mini Pro 2

Tethered/untethered: Untethered, with a tethered option for an extra £40
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)230 mm x (W)151 mm x (D)125 mm

With its discreet LED light, EO’s charger is fully managed through its mobile app via wifi or Bluetooth. It allows charges to be scheduled, status checks, and charge history to be viewed. However, the app can take time to work through the navigation and become familiar with its interface.
electric vehicle charger myenergi zappi

Myenergi Zappi

Tethered/untethered: Both options are available
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)439mm x (W)282 mm x (D)122 mm

The Zappi offers a unique ‘Eco’ mode that allows it to operate solely on power generated from solar panels or a combination of grid and solar. Additionally, you can establish charging timetables via the intuitive mobile app. This enables you to charge your EV during off-peak hours, capitalising on lower electricity rates.
electric vehicle charger wallbox

Wallbox Pulsar Max

Tethered/untethered: Tethered
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)198 mm x (W)201 mm x (D)99 mm

The Pulsar Max can be controlled through an easy-to-use app, or via Alexa voice control, connecting through wifi or Bluetooth, and its Smart Scheduling Suggestions feature allows pre-programmed schedules to be selected. You can also lock and unlock the charger remotely.
electric vehicle charger rolec qubec

Rolec QUBEV Smart

Tethered/untethered: Untethered, with a tethered option for an extra £30
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)200 mm x (W)330 mm x (D)132 mm

With the QUBEV Smart charger app, you can initiate or halt charging, set schedules, and sync your device with your electricity rate to ensure energy consumption during the most cost-effective periods remotely. So, while the unit only has a simple LED status indicator, the mobile app allows complete control and incorporates some valuable features.
electric vehicle charger andersen

Andersen A2

Tethered/untethered: Tethered
Timer: Yes
Solar compatible: Yes
Dimensions: (H)494 mm x (W)348 mm x (D)156 mm

Andersen’s A2 EV charger is larger than many other models. However, available in eight different stainless steel finishes or four eco-friendly wood options, it offers a stylish sophistication. The A2 can achieve a charge rate of 22kW, provided your home has a three-phase electricity connection. Otherwise, it offers speeds of up to 7kW. It also has in-built earthing and solar integration.

Cost and Return on Investment

While EV chargers come with an initial cost, it’s essential to factor in government incentives and long-term savings. Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) to make an economically sound decision.


Network Accessibility and Public Charging Stations

For those who frequently travel, the accessibility of public EV charging stations is crucial. Utilise EV charger locator apps to find nearby public chargers and plan your routes accordingly.


Ease of Use and Smart Features

Look for user-friendly features in your EV charger, such as mobile apps for remote monitoring and control. Smart EV chargers can enhance your charging experience by providing real-time data and scheduling options.

Choosing the right EV charger involves thoughtful consideration of your charging needs, compatibility, charging speed, and additional features. Whether you opt for a home EV charger or rely on public charging stations, making an informed decision ensures a seamless and efficient electric driving experience. Embrace the electric road with confidence as you power up your EV with the right charger for your lifestyle.

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