Why LED Lighting?

LED Lighting Dorset

In recent years LEDs have been widely used in very specific applications. However, the technology is now mature and offers effective, competitive and highly advantageous solutions for general lighting applications. A wide range of LED Retrofit Lighting now exists, unfortunately the vast majority of the LED lamps available on the market are of poor construction, low light output and questionable life span.

Ideal’s commercial range of LED products have been engineered for long life, using premium components and the brightest and robust LEDs available on the market. All our CREE based products have been certified and undergone rigourous testing to ensure they stand up to their claims.

There are lots of myths surrounding LEDs, which the industry needs to dispel. For example, fitting LEDs previously required lots of wiring and soldering, but now many retrofit bulbs offer ‘plug and play’ like functionality….you simply just swap out the bulb!

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are highly efficient. New LED Retrofit bulbs typically consume only a few watts of power, resulting in massive savings in energy bills compared to their equivalents.

Long Life

LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of between 10,000 and 50,000 hours. For this reason LEDs are ideal for hard-to-reach / maintain fixtures such as exit sign lighting and combined with its durability – pathway lighting.

Plug & Play Retrofit

Many LED bulbs are now available as a direct replacement for standard lighting, simply swap out the bulb and plug in the LED replacement.

Wide Range of Colors

LED bulbs are available in warm and cool white colour temperatures. The majority of LED bulbs are also available in a wide range of colours, such as red, green, blue, yellow etc. LED effects lighting offers rich vibrant colours that is sure to impress.

No UV Emissions / Low Infrared / Low Heat

LEDs produce no UV radiation and relatively little heat, making them ideal for illuminating objects, such as works of art or perishable foot items that are sensitive to heat and UV light.


LEDs are very rugged. They feature no filament that can be
damaged due to shock and vibrations.

Low Toxicity

Unlike compact fluorescents, LEDs don’t contain mercury and
hence can be more safely disposed of.

Instant On

LEDs reach their full brightness almost instantly, unlike
compact fluorescents which can take more than a minute to
reach their maximum output.


LED retrofit bulbs are designed fit into existing fittings as they
are almost identical in size and shape to the bulbs they replace.