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08 May, 2021
Posted by Jason Brown
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There’s No Warmer Greeting Than Underfloor Heating

You only need to step inside a room that has Redheat underfloor heating to feel an instant and overall  welcoming ambient temperature of the space you’re in. With a heating system that disperses infrared waves evenly within the four walls you’ll be enveloped in a convivial warmth.


Out with the old and in with the new:

Have you ever come in from the cold, turned on the boiler, and waited for your traditional convector radiators on the wall to heat up, then stood over them to try and get yourself warm? You can feel the hot air, contained in that specific area rise and disperse, but as soon as you move away, you realise you haven’t quite warmed up enough. With infrared heating, you don’t have to worry about boilers or radiators, and having to position yourself next to one to feel the heat, because with electric underfloor heating, the entire room will emanate a radiant warmth wherever you are.


underfloor heating dorset


What is an electric underfloor heating system:

It’s a series of electrical wires or heating mats that are positioned beneath your flooring. It doesn’t matter whether your floor covering is vinyl, tiled or carpeted, with an infrared underfloor heating system installed surreptitiously beneath it, you’ll feel the warming effect immediately. Redheat is an ultra-thin film containing a mixture of carbon crystal, graphite and graphene with copper strips down each side. It is through these copper strips that the electricity is conducted and then emitted as infrared waves, rising through the floor giving an even spread of heat throughout the room.


What are the benefits:


  • Cost  – This willdepend on how many rooms you wish to make use of with the underfloor heating, and the condition of the base floor you’ll be placing the heating system on. But once this initial disbursement has been managed, the beneficial savings on your energy bills (approximately 25%) will more than compensate in the long-run for the initial outlay and expenditure.
  • Efficiency – Like other heating systems, infrared electric heating does have a warm-up time, but best of all, with no escape route, the heat that’s produced is retained. During the cold seasons, many people opt to keep their underfloor heating on constantly to encourage faster and more efficient warming up times, and with extensive knowledge and experience, a DES expert in the field will assess your space and requirements to ensure you get maximum efficiency from your product.
  • Safety – Infrared heating is considered safer because it isn’t hot to the touch like a radiator. By retaining a top temperature of about 35 degrees, you will get a consistent and overall comfortable warmth permeating throughout the room. And because the heat is consistently and evenly distributed within the four walls, the chances of damp and mould occurring is greatly reduced.
  • Health –  The heat from underfloor installations rises safely through infrared waves without disturbing any existing dust and allergens, unlike conventional heating, which can easily spread particles via convective air flow.
  • Silence – You won’t have to listen to any noisy boilers and radiators kicking off as your heating kicks in, which only adds to the comfortable ambiance our underfloor heating systems are renowned for.
  • Maintenance – With expert installation by our professionals, your electric underfloor heating will require little or no maintenance at all.

A Perfect Alliance:

In collaboration with Redheat, and taking ownership of the best installation experts on hand, at DES, we guarantee to offer you the most efficient and cost-effective electrical underfloor heating, ensuring you get years of unadulterated warmth throughout your home. 

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