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21 May, 2021
Posted by Jason Brown
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Solar PV Maintenance

What is Solar PV:

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a system of nonmetal semi-conducting cells made of silicon which are used in making electrical circuits. By themselves, each cell creates only a small amount of electricity, but when the cells are linked together to form solar panels, the amount of electricity produced, by converting the sun’s radiation into electricity, can be quite substantial. This greener energy can then be used for running applications both in the home and in industrial buildings and can reduce your annual energy bills by as much as seventy percent.


solar pv maintenance dorset



Each system is exclusively designed according to your locale, the complexity of the situ, and the amount of panels you necessitate to gain maximum benefits. Our qualified and experienced team of electricians, who are passionate about solar technology, will discuss with you your requirements, and customise your specific system, to provide an installation service that delivers the best in renewable energy.



Solar panel systems are extremely durable, but dependant on various aspects such as local environment, productivity, and weather, the life span of PV panels can vary from anything between 5 years to twenty five years or more. And for this reason, it’s recommended to have your solar system serviced to retain maximum output. 


Common Causes of Solar System Damage:

  • Most common is the accumulation of dirt, leaves and debris such as bird droppings. This can cause discolouration and glazing and can obstruct the sun’s rays and decrease productivity in your system.

What We’ll Do:

No matter what the size or heightof the building, our team of professionals will safely soft scrub and thoroughly clean any build-up of grime, dust and rubble fragments from each individual panel to restore them to their original high-performance state.

  • Interruption to your structure can be triggered by broken or damaged wiring, often a result of interference from rodents and squirrels.

Qualified Electricians:

Our qualified electricians will locate any damaged wiring, and replace them, so you can be assured that your system is back to running at peak performance.

  • Extreme weather such as severe hailstorms, excessive snow pressure and lightning can crack and break the panels.

Repair or Replace:

We’ll locate and replace any damaged or broken panels to ensure that your system gets back to giving you your full capacity electrical output with immediate effect.

  • Rare but entirely feasible, is a high emission of heat between the conductors which may start an electrical fire. But if this is sensed, an arc fault detection system is in place, so it shuts down the system and prevents any major damage to your property from occurring.

Ensure PV System Safety:

Our electrical experts will always ensure that any solar PV systems they install will dispel the probability of a fire hazard in the first instance, but if your system has been improperly implemented by another source, then our professionals in the trade can replace your old system, so that you can be confident that your new solar PV installation is safe, and by installing everything to code you won’t have anything to worry about.


Our DES Promise:

To ensure continuous maximum operation and performance from your solar panels, the installation, routine checking, and preservation of your PV systems are paramount in maintaining maximum capacity, and with our extensive knowledge in this area our electricians will undertake any maintenance and repairs that are needed to guarantee you’re always getting the best from your system year on year.



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