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04 Sep, 2023
Posted by Jason Brown
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10 Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Home is where we should feel the safest, but ensuring the security of your home requires some proactive measures. Protecting your family, possessions, and personal space is of paramount importance. In this blog post, we will share 10 valuable home security tips that can help you enhance the safety of your home.

Lock All Entry Points

The most basic yet effective tip is to lock all doors and windows when you leave home or retire for the night. Don’t forget to secure sliding glass doors and basement windows.

Install Deadbolt Locks

Upgrade your door locks to include deadbolts. These locks provide an extra layer of security, making it harder for intruders to force their way in.

Outdoor Lighting

Well-lit exteriors discourage potential burglars. Install motion-activated lights around entryways, pathways, and in dark corners of your property.

Secure Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are vulnerable. Strengthen their security by placing a rod or a dowel in the track to prevent them from being forced open.

Trim Landscaping

Overgrown bushes and trees can provide hiding spots for burglars. Keep your landscaping trimmed and well-maintained to eliminate these hiding spots.

Home Security System

Invest in a reliable home security system. These systems can include alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and 24/7 monitoring to deter intruders and provide peace of mind.

Use Timers for Lights

When you’re away, create the illusion that someone is home by using timers for lights, radios, or TVs. This can make your home appear occupied even when it’s not.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is password protected and uses strong encryption. Weak or unprotected networks can be exploited by tech-savvy criminals.

Secure Valuables

Invest in a home safe to store important documents, jewellery, and small valuables. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, these items will be protected.

Build a Neighborhood Watch

Get to know your neighbours and establish a neighbourhood watch program. This sense of community can deter criminals and provide a support system.


Home security is a vital aspect of homeownership that should never be overlooked. Implementing these 10 home security tips can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and improve your family’s safety. Remember, it’s better to be proactive and invest in security measures now than to regret not doing so later. By taking these steps, you’ll not only safeguard your home but also enjoy greater peace of mind.

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